History Bites


History Bites: Sumac

January 20, 2021
All About Sumac So you may have noticed this week that we’re making a bit of a big deal about sumac. The reason is we wanted to shine a light on an ingredient that most people aren’t incredibly fam...
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History Bites: Pairing

November 25, 2020
This week we're taking a break from history to take in a bit of theory. We'll be looking at how we think about flavour and in turn how we pair food with beverages. And we'll be using a cartoon rat ...
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History Bites: Moussaka

November 18, 2020
This week we look at the importance of cultural culinary tradition, the history of moussaka, and the man who codified modern Greek food.
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History Bites: Cordon Bleu

November 11, 2020
This week we dabble in a bit of story telling to get to the origin of this delicious dish. I also reveal one of my secret research weapons...
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The Wonderful World of Dumplings

November 04, 2020
Hello my little dumplings. Such a bizarre term of endearment, but after wrapping hundreds of my own little dumplings by hand this week, I get it. There’s a lot of love and care that goes into makin...
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An Ode to Beef Bourguignon

October 28, 2020
This week we don't focus too much on the history, and a little more of the impact. We also look at what really makes a meal important.
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Beet Cake: Origins

October 07, 2020
Some of you may have noticed that I missed the History Bite for last week. I had a pretty good excuse though; I was getting married. Woohoo! First and foremost, a quick announcement. We’ll be takin...
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History Bites: The Masala Dabba

September 22, 2020
Anna and I can get pretty defensive of our recipes with each other. Each of us is always trying to outdo the other person. It’s a really healthy and competitive way of always making sure that our q...
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