Recipe Tin: Ratio

Recipe Tin: Ratio
TLDR: Read this book if you can’t wrap your head around baking, or if you want to stop cooking from recipes and start your creative journey.
Instead of a recipe, I’m going to point you in the direction of a book that drastically changed the way I cook. I used to shy away from baking. I always thought there was a recipe to be followed, and a precise set of instructions to yield the perfect bread loaf. But when I was in cooking school a chef recommended this book and it kind of changed my life. 
The book is Ratio, by Michael Ruhlman. It’s not like any other recipe book out there because it doesn’t really have any recipes in it. In this book Michael Ruhlman breaks down cooking into its basic ratios. What I mean by that is he teaches the relationship between ingredients and how they function, as opposed to just teaching you the recipe. For instance to make pie dough you need 3 parts flour, 2 parts fat, and 1 part liquid. He then goes on to teach you the core method about how pie dough works.
... It's as easy as pie.

I couldn’t present the information in this book better than he does, so I kind of just said “What’s the point? I should just recommend this book.”

Michael Ruhlman Ratio
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This really seems like the logical place to start out our recipe tin, and to let you know what it’s all about. We want to start sharing our recipes, and we don’t want to make you scroll through countless advertisements, pop up videos, and needless pictures before you can even see the ingredients. It will be straight and to the point, and if you have any questions about a recipe, send us an email.
We’ll keep the story telling to History Bites.

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