The Love Box: Morocco

The Love Box: Morocco

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We're bringing some top-notch Moroccan street food into your kitchen this week. Like everyone else, we've been fondly remembering the days when travel was an option. In thinking about trips we've had to cancel and plans we’ve put on hold, we thought it would be fun to dream a little, and bring some travel to your taste buds. 

Two years ago, Anna went to Morocco and brought back a ton of new flavours. We’ve drawn inspiration from her trip to create this Moroccan-inspired meal. It's an absolute stunner.

Here's what's in your box this week:

  • Char-broiled Moroccan chicken
  • Homemade grilled naan
  • Lemon and mint pickled onions
  • Herbed yogurt raita with cucumber
  • Lettuce

  • Chickpea salad
  • Roasted garlic and lemon potatoes

  • Moroccan mint chocolate truffles 

Our vegetarian alternate this week is a pan seared falafel.

We can also do a half meat, half vegetarian box. Just add a note to the order and we'll get everyone fed.

Order cutoff is 6pm Wednesday August 12 with free local delivery on Thursday August 13th between 12 and 5pm.