The feeling of satisfaction following a good meal with good company.

About Us Bouffage Photo

  Bouffage was started by two friends who care a whole lot about food.

Anna and Mike met working in restaurants and catering in the Ottawa area. When COVID-19 hit, they joined forces on Bouffage, to help more people share great food together. 

Anna Lianga

The kitchen table is the focal point in Anna's home. This is where food, friends, and family mingle and happiness is created. Travelling and cooking wholesome food for her kids are her main inspirations. She's been in the restaurant industry for over twenty years, but who's counting anyway? She can't imagine doing anything else.

Mike Franz

Mike became a chef at heart in grade two, when he asked for an omelette pan for Christmas. As a grownup, he has over a decade of experience in professional kitchens in Toronto and Ottawa. He loves good food and good people, and brings that to everything he cooks.