Love Box: Greece

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Love Box: Greece

Regular price $65.00
Shipping included.

Lately we’ve been having a hankering for some good Greek food. There’s a common misconception out there that Greek food is always light and summery. Some of the best dishes are for sure, but Greek winters are no picnic.

This time around, we’ll be serving up some Greek classics that are a bit more suited to this time of year. A traditional moussaka is our centrepoint. We’re bringing in some really authentic flavours. It’s like travelling to a small taverna without having to leave your house. 

This week's box includes:

Layers of phyllo pastry, carefully brushed with olive oil and layered with spinach, crumbled feta cheese, onions, garlic, lemon zest, fresh herbs, and spices. Oven baked to a well flaked perfection.
Greek Moussaka
Ground beef and lamb, carefully folded into a fresh tomato sauce, layered with roasted eggplant and potato and topped with a bechamel sauce with just a hint of cheese. 
A traditional Greek spicy feta dip.

House Marinated Olives
In-house marinated black and green olives. These are a crowd favourite that people are constantly trying to get their hands on.

Greek Flatbread
Handmade Greek flatbread. 

Greek Cheesecake Crumble
A Greek spin on a classic. Layers of Greek cheesecake filling accented by a crumbled graham crust with a touch of honey and cinnamon. Garnished with a touch of olive oil to blend the flavours together and leave you wanting more.

Our vegetarian alternative this week is a vegetarian moussaka. As usual, we can do a half-vegetarian, half-meat box so everyone gets fed. Just include a note with your preference at checkout.

Order cutoff is 6pm Wednesday November 18th with free local delivery on Thursday November 19th between 11 and 5pm.

Never hesitate to ask us about any dietary restrictions you may have, we love to feed people and always do our best to accommodate. Just email us at and we’ll get you sorted.