Love Box: Malaysia

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Love Box: Malaysia

Regular price $65.00
Free Shipping on orders over $50.

We try to mix things up with the Love Box. We're always looking to take people to different places, because if we can't leave our houses, at least our taste buds can.

Malaysian cuisine is an amazing hybrid of myriad influences. Because of its location and interesting history, it's essentially a melting pot of almost too many influences to list, including Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Bornean, and Thai. It's incredibly nuanced, which also makes it fun to cook.

Karipap (Curry Puff)
These tasty little appetizers are best described as a halfway point between a veggie samosa and a Cornish pasty. Mild curry spiced potatoes, carrots, and peas folded inside a flakey pastry.

Roti Jala (net crêpe) with a coconut dip
A Malaysian street food delight, this is a light turmeric crepe that's cooked in a unique crosshatch pattern and then rolled. We'll be serving ours with a creamy coconut dipping sauce. 

Beef Rendang with Sticky Rice
A dry curry of shredded beef, aromatic herbs, and spices. 
A note about heat: we'll be cutting back on the chilis and making this at a 1/5.

Anna and I will also be making a batch for ourselves at the traditional heat level which is closer to a 4/5. If you'd like to get it spicy place your order by Tuesday and add a note on your order. 

Mango Bars
We've come up with these tasty mango bars to perfectly accent these delicious meals. They're dangerously addictive.

Our vegetarian alternative is a crispy shredded beancurd rendang in place of the beef.

As usual, we can do a half-vegetarian, half-meat box so everyone gets fed. Just include a note with your preference at checkout.

Order cutoff is 3pm Wednesday, February 10th, with delivery Thursday, February 11th between 11am and 5pm. Never hesitate to ask us about any dietary restrictions you may have, we love to feed people and always do our best to accommodate.